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Proven Legal Results Await You in Palos Heights, IL

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Legal problems are very stressful and worrisome. It is very important to call an attorney who will maintain communication with you and who has the legal know-how to represent you successfully. Brian will provide meaningful and targeted information to you on a timely basis.
In addition to his FREE initial consultation, Brian attempts to keep his legal fees as low as possible and is always prepared to do what it takes to protect your interests, your rights, your assets, and your future.

As a former State's Attorney, Brian has practiced law in several different counties in Illinois. Brian is comfortable in the courtroom and is familiar with all court procedures and the current State of Illinois Statutes and county regulations that can determine the outcome of your case.
Contested and uncontested divorce, child parenting plans, paternity, maintenance (spousal support),
and child support are all areas where Brian has understanding and extensive involvement.
He is a skilled negotiator who listens and offers valuable suggestions to bring about a favorable and agreeable solution.

Call (708) 448-5125 anytime if you require the assistance of J. Brian McDonnell.